Barefoot Days in Kailua: Minding the Store

Beginning in the early 1900’s, all Kailua stores were located where the streams enter into the Kawai Nui Marsh. It was here that a thriving rice industry had sprouted – including three rice mills. The stores played a central role in the emerging urbanization.

Before the moderni Pali Haighway was constructed (1955 – 1960), a thriving early community of immigrant farmers blended in with the Hawaiian families already there to experiment in a consumer lifestyle. It demanded patience, trust, hard work, cooperation, and, when making a purchase, a good credit rating. It was an experiment demanding much flexibility – so much so that today all of Kailua’s stores are situated three miles down the road.

A panel of early residents – moderated by Dr. Paul Brennan – will share their memories.

September 17, 2008
7:00 pm
Trinity Presbyterian Church
875 Auloa Rd

3 thoughts on “Barefoot Days in Kailua: Minding the Store

  1. My Grandfather, Raphael Campos started a dairy in Kailua.
    It became the largest dairy in Oahu. Is he included in the Book?
    His son, Tommy Campos was an outstanding Polo Player,
    is he in the book? Raphael built quite a few houses for rent
    before Kanohe Air Base was built. Raphael also donated the
    property for the Catholic Church, St. Anthony. I want to buy
    the book but I want to know if my family’s history is in the
    new book “Kailua.

    Joseph H. Rueda

  2. My Grandfather, Raphael Campos, came to Kailua 1910 and purchased land for a dairy.
    It became the largest dairy in Oahu in the
    1940’s. My MOther Irene C. Campos was my
    Mother. Lawrence Campos purchased the dairy
    from his Father in the late 30’s. Lawrence’s son, Tommy Campos went on to be
    an outstanding Polo Player. Raphael came
    from Spain and had a very large family.
    The dairy had about 2200 acres.

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