A Summary of KHS Meetings 2012-2013

Here is an overview of our public meetings in 2012-2013. We have one more meeting this year – information and details will be coming soon!

A Sample of Recent Public Meetings:

  • February 2012 Descending Stories: How shall we tell them? with Kaui Hart Hemmings, Tom Coffman and Maile Meyer.
  • May 2012 Hula in Kailua with family and graduates of Bella Richards, Lani Kalama, Puluelo Park and the Beamer ʻohana.
  • July 2012 Kailua: How Shall We Paint It with Sherree KcKellar, Carter Black and the Windward Artists Guild.
  • October 2012 Before the Military: Mōkapu Peninsula with archaeology and former resident panelists.
  • November 2011 Historic Harmonies: Kailua’s musical legacy with Charlani Kalama, Mihana Souza and Mrs. Shigeru Hotoke.
  • January 2013 Going with the Flow: Roadside Stands with panelists Lydia Asato Ranger, Norman Kawauchi and Leroy Gilliland featuring the photographs from the Nishikawa-Kimura family.
  • April 2013 The Castle Legacy: Fifty Years of Philanthropy with panelists Terry George, Mitch D’Olier, Randy Moore, Lisa DeLong and Corbett Kalama
  • July 2013 Kids’ Play: Before the Rec and the Y with panelists Howard Okita, Jane Lipp, Doryne Decker Ringler, and Jiro Tanabe

2 thoughts on “A Summary of KHS Meetings 2012-2013

  1. I would like to know why nothing has been done to preserve the Hedemann Estate in Maunawili Valley since it has been deemed an historic property and needs renovation? Also, does anyone have history of this being another of Queen Emma’s homes. It is written, her cousin Lydia Liliuokalani came to visit her on one occasion and as she sat in her chair on a small mound between Emma’s home and the home that was the final residence of Claude and Ruth Kakalia’s ‘ohana did by chance spot two lovers parting ways, thus inspiring her to write the lyrics to the famed Aloha ‘oe.

    • Since 2000, when the Weinberg Foundation (HRT) purchased the property, the KHS (Paul Brennan and Chuck Burrows) has made numerous attempts to have discussions with the owners about caretaking, leasing, or owning the property on which the Irwin House (“Hedemann House”) sits. Alas, the owners broke off our talks about 5 years ago, saying they wished to pursue their own economic interests with the property. During all of this time, however, they have permitted KHS to have access to the property by allowing tours to take place. Each year about a dozen tours have occurred.

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