NEWS: LKOC History, Online Purchasing for Kailua Book

Kailua Way Back When… The Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle

Cover illustration by Alec Baird for Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle Booklet

It has been a while since we gave an update and I realize I never posted an announcement for the latest booklet about Kailua History. Itʻs a very interesting read! This booklet shares a wealth of photos and history regarding one of Kailua’s secret treasures: the Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle, unsung heroes of our city’s gorgeous trees.  The volunteer work we all take for granted is the focus of this booklet which has a wealth of information about the way our parks, medians, and schools have been beautified by a dedicated group of volunteers since 1948. Lovingly compiled from the archives and scrapbooks of the LKOC by Diane Harding, it includes many many photos of familiar places that used to look very different that they do now! The booklet was published in December of 2021. Since then, a limited number have been given to Bookends in Kailua for sale, or you may contact us by email to request a booklet. The LKOC also sells copies.

Online Shopping

Another very exciting development is that you may now purchase the Kailua Book directly from UH Press online. This speeds and simplifies the ordering process, and the society is still able to benefit from the sales. The link is on the publications page. The URL is