About Us

photo of Old Kailua, courtesy Ray Jerome Baker

Our Mission

Kailua Historical Society works to collect and preserve Kailua’s past through archives, oral histories, public forums, tours, site preservation, and publications.

Our Beginnings

The Kailua Historical Society was conceived on a lazy Sunday morning in June 2001 when a group of Kailuans were reminiscing about the town’s colorful past. Their talk led to the realization that most of the materials on Kailua’s history—photographs, literature, maps, governmental documents—even stories of the old days, are not readily available to those who care most about them: Kailuans themselves. They decided to do something about that.

Other town folk agreed with their urgency to discover and preserve Kailua’s history, much of which is still hidden in the memories of older residents and forgotten family collections. Oral histories needed to be recoded before being lost to the future. A trained group was needed to inventory public and private collections centering on Kailua.

Thus, the Society was born. Forty members gathered for the charter meeting on July 17, 2001. Now several times that number are involved. Recorded interviews with elders have been done and archival materials has been donated for appropriate identification and preservation.

KHS Founders Circle

The Society is forever grateful for the vision and guidance of the Founders Circle.

Sylvia Baldwin
Dr. Clare Carey
Susan Campbell
Dr. Robert Cole
Anneliese Chun
Dr. Joanne Flannery
Peggy Froome
Lucille Gibson
Theadore Gibson
Mary Jane Heilbron
Marlis (Candy) Irvine
Stan Kanetake
A. T. “Red” Miller
Verne and Bill Moore
Joe Muratsuchi
Dudley Pratt
Muriel Seto


President — Paul Brennan
Vice President – Membership: Jan Wakamatsu
Treasurer — Carol Brede
Recording Secretary — Irish 
Liaison Kawainui Organizations — Chuck Burrows
Legal Matters — Stan Kanetake

Board Members
Cosette Morrison Harms
Wendy Roberts (webmaster)
Sarah Gilman Sur


Photo Credit for Blog Header: Seth Ladd on Flickr